Waithaka Farm Home Delivery

How Does It Work?

STEP 1: Choose a plan

Fill out name and address form, choose a plan and decide on your billing method.

STEP 2: Signup confirmation

Receive a signup confirmation email from Waithaka Farm containing your contract and questionnaire.

STEP 3: Print documentation

Print and fill out the questionnaire and contract.

STEP 4: Sign the contract

Sign and mail the contract and questionnaire along with check for the first 4 weeks (or more) of your plan.

STEP 5: Confirmation

Upon receiving your contract, questionnaire and payment in good order, an email from Waithaka Farm with your delivery day will be sent.

STEP 6: Receive your weekly tote!

Receive your weekly tote filled with fresh from the farm goods on your delivery day! (Please hold your tote until your next delivery day when we will swap your new tote for your old one.)
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Adding On

Learn about the add-ons we offer with our delivery plans.