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Frequently Asked Questions

What towns do you currently deliver to and on what days?

Tuesday: Northern Seabrook, Hampton Falls, Kensington, Hampton, North Hampton, Parts of Stratham
Wednesday: Rye, Rye Beach, Portsmouth, New Castle, Newington, Greenland
Thursday: Parts of Stratham, Exeter, Newfields, Southern Newmarket, Brentwood, Kingston, Parts of East Kingston

Do you have any expansion plans to other towns or states?

Yes. We plan on expanding into Epping, Durham, Dover, Somersworth, and Madbury sometime this fall. In addition, we plan on delivering to Kittery, Kittery Point, Berwick and Eliot, Maine and Newburyport, Amesbury and Salisbury, Massachusetts in the not so distant future. If you live in one of these towns and would like to be included in an update email once we begin service in your town, please visit our contact us form and kindly send along your information and we will be happy to update you. You can find this form here:

Why is this different and how does it benefit your family?

Waithaka produce is different because our model makes it so you EAT YOUR FRUITS AND VEGGIES! Because you are under contract as a member, you will get your weekly allotment and may have to find ways to finish your produce. This allows for a creative culinary effort and a healthy lifestyle choice. The USDA recommends 5 servings of fruit and vegetables per day, per person and with our program, your home will never lack the ability to meet that need if you arrange for the correct Waithaka Farm plan to be delivered.

What do you receive each week?

Each member receives their base fruits and vegetables. In addition, you will receive some specialty or seasonal fruits and vegetables. Depending on the season and what we can get our hands on, an uncommon type of fruit and a rare vegetable will make for a fun cooking experience. Grab a cookbook or use a Waithaka Farm recipe and enjoy! Seasonal vegetables might include squash and local apples in autumn, root vegetables and tropical fruits in the winter, early sugar snap peas and locally grown spicy mesclun mix in the spring and/or local melon, corn or tomatoes in the summer. At Waithaka Farm, we have a zest for fresh produce and healthy, pure foods.

Why does this work?

Waithaka Farm appreciates the efforts all farmers put into growing their produce. We therefore make sure the farmer is paid for their work. At the same time, we buy in bulk and can offer each member a slight advantage in quantity than what you would be able to buy at the store. Our quality advantage however, is where we stake our pride. Since we pick up our produce straight from the farm during our growing season and wholesale farm direct during the off-season, our produce never spends extra time in warehouses or on supermarket shelves until it is sold. We bypass this crucial waiting/handling time since produce tends to deteriorate in looks, taste and nutrients the longer it sits, the more it is handled and whether it is subject to artificial light. Once we get our produce, it gets sorted and begins delivery within 24 hours to your home. We maintain cool temperatures during transport and refrigeration is used in our warehouse.

Why choose Waithaka Farm Home Delivery over a CSA membership?

Traditional CSA's cost about $550 on average and last an average length of 18 weeks. This equates to approximately $30.55 per week, with some being higher. We at Waithaka Farm are in great support of local farmers and believe the idea of the CSA is rooted deeply in an effort to bring local, fresh food straight from farmer to family. By offering our base plan of $30 in produce, we not only will deliver this to your doorstep each and every week, but we will do it all year long for the same price. You can count on Waithaka Farm to provide you and your family with an entire year of fresh produce, hand chosen by us, from local growers and regional wholesalers.


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