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Weekly Add-Ons:

Any of these special features can be added on to your weekly order:

(Weekly orders must be received by Sunday at 6pm via phone 800.714.4147 or email. If you would like more information about our add-ons please contact us.)
Blackberry Icons Denote Products Currently Available.

Fruit Add-ons

Now Available Tropical Fruit Supplement
An addition of 2-4 extra servings of tropical fruit: $10

Now Available Frozen, wild Maine, sourtop blueberries
These are great for baking, oatmeal, pancakes, smoothies and more. They are the gourmet blueberries you yearn for: $9/lb

Vegetable Add-ons

Now Available Mixed Greens Supplement
An assortment of as available roughage: $10

Local Herbs Supplement
Available in growing season only: $10

Mixed Add-ons

Now Available Little Mouths Supplement
2-4 extra types of fruits and veggies kids love!: $10

Protein Add-ons

Now Available All Natural, Locally Raised Carnivore Supplement
Assorted as available weekly meats such as chicken, pork, veal and/or ground beef: $20

Now Available Local Farm Eggs
Purely raised on a local Waithaka Farm inspected seacoast farm: $5/dozen

Specialty Add-ons

Now Available Regional Honey
Raw, unfiltered and unheated apitherapy honey. Nothing but the nectar of the hive: $9/lb.

Now Available Local Maple Syrup
Locally produced at a Waithaka Farm supported maple farm: $22/quart

Local Bread (varies by the week)
Locally made daily and delivered fresh to your door: Price TBD

Assorted Dry Bulk Goods
Bread flour, Canadian High Prairie wild rice, brown rice, oats and more: Price TBD

Household Add-ons

Now Available The Stirwand
Bring any water back to its original earthly state: $70/wand (good for life)

Sole and Sea minerals: Price TBD
PDF View the pdf for details.

Sole and Sea minerals: Price TBD
PDF View the pdf for details.


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