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Waithaka Farm thinks mission statements and corporate mantras are overused and undelivered upon. We believe that you only become something after you have been that thing. We don't believe in forward-looking statements and believe hindsight is the best judge of someone’s character. We are just trying to be the change we want to see.

We deliver produce to your home that is purely and/or certified naturally grown and is procured from local, regional and national farms. We do not buy produce that has been subjected to any processes that would make that piece of produce unnatural, unhealthy or impure in any way, including but not limited to: synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, genetically modified organisms (GMO's), etc. This is our priority at Waithaka Farm.

When your goods are delivered, we do so via a reusable tote so as to not make extra waste from disposable cartons or bags. We are environmentally conscious in everything that we do and believe that we are here on Earth as guests to treat the planet with love.

Waithaka Farm Vision

Regardless of the outcome of the economic crisis we currently find ourselves in, it is of dire importance that the people of the state of NH understand that having the option to be independent from the national food supply is crucial to maintaining the balance of our people.

With the current state of affairs leaving us pondering what will happen in the future, we cannot sit back to wait and see. We must act now. This, and the increasingly important need to have an honest food supply that is local and healthy is how and why Waithaka Farm was born. The time is now.

Waithaka Farm envisions a community-based network of local farmers organized by region that supports the people of that region. Using a method like a co-op or some other centrally organized farming community, we can work together to make sure year round produce and/or meats are available to our people.

This is important for many reasons. We feel that in the United States we have strayed away from local reliance on goods to a global village perspective that has failed. We have imported inexpensive goods while stripping our production capabilities sending our dollars overseas, but more importantly, abandoning our knowledge and skill base. Trades like farming are respectable. They are what built this great nation and if we don't bring them back, we may lose them forever. At the same time, we need to make it economically worthwhile for people to farm and Waithaka Farm plans on making sure its farmers are paid a locally competitive and fair price for their bounty.

So, we are calling out for you to please join us, either as a farmer in our network or a household who believes in protecting our food supply. In either capacity, we look forward to working with you to help protect our great people, sustain our statewide food supply on a local basis and create awareness to help combat this growing concern.



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